ITALY! A month in food and all things amazing

All I can say is that I owe you all a lot of food photos after spending 5 weeks in Italy. I dutifully took pictures of everything that I ate, and so about half of all my pictures are of food. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll just take you through the basics. OK. So. I traveled with a group of 9 kids who I had never met before until the first day at the airport. We spent 4 days in Rome. Our luggage was lost for 3 of them, but we still saw practically every darned monument in the city. I loved the Campo De’Fiori, an outside market with all kinds of foods and different vendors. After Rome, we stayed in Lucca, a small medieval town in Tuscany. It was there that I discovered bechamel sauce in lasagna (a delicious, creamy white sauce-who knew?). Then, we stayed in a beach town called San Benedetto del Tronto, which is in Ascoli. There, I stayed with a family for 2 weeks. Sara, my older sister, was amazing. Besides taking me to all the best gelaterias in town, she got me speaking some Italian and introduced me to her friends. She had the most adorable little sister named Gaia, with whom I shared a deep love for nutella, and her parents were so nice and how can I not say it? Her mom was an AMAZING cook- she taught me the wonders of Pasta Carbonara (you’ll see!). They raised their own rabbits- which we ate for dinner, had a basement full of homemade prosciutto, sausage, tomato sauce, and olive oil and wine. All made in their house.
I tried the best mozzarella cheese of my life, and also one called Stracciatella di Bufala, similar to mozzarella but even more creamy and delicious, which I will hunt down in NY. Without a doubt. I also had the most amazing balsamic vinegar, which had been aged for goodness knows how long and was so thick you’d think it was something like honey. Yes, I was practically delirious for the duration of my stay. After San Benedetto, I left very tan and well fed, and for the last week of my trip, I went to Verona and Venice. I feel like I have barely told you anything but I just wanted to get something down…the longer I waited to harder it is to write! So thus begins the photo narration. In Rome, I had the best bruschetta of my life. The olive oil was so flavorful I had never had anything like it. Spaghetti al Pesto. Although I must say my mom makes a mean pesto herself. I had (and ate) the whole ocean on my plate at the town of Lerici, near Porto Venere.
I had amazing sandwiches for train rides. Fresh bread, local prosciutto and cheese. Mmmmm. 
I managed to eat gelato almost every day of my trip. It was quite the challenge.
OK. They have hazelnut (nocciola) yogurt in Italy. It makes me resent Dannon Light N’ Fit. 
I taught my host sister Sara how to make pancakes. Look at her flip! You would never know she’s not American.  I’m so proud. The photo after is Sara, her little sister Gaia (with whom I shared a deep love for nutella) and me. 
I went “canyoning” in Trentino, which apparently is just a fancy name for jumping off of waterfalls. Or if you’re me, slipping and then flying off of them. After we stopped for lunch at an Agriculturismo- akin to a Bed in Breakfast but they make everything in house. They have huge vineyards of grapes which they use to make wine, and they grow all their own vegetables. They made amazing pancetta and (my dad likes to tease) the most incredible wine there from a grape called Schiava. I think he’s just jealous. 
I was really excited about those grapes. After Verona was Venice…and then home. I guess all that’s left is to give you some of those recipes I picked up, right?
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7 Responses to ITALY! A month in food and all things amazing

  1. Abz says:

    Hey Emily!!!!!
    Love yo blog grlllll <3

  2. bigapplenosh says:

    This is a seriously droolworthy post!

  3. I’ve just had the most amazing de ja vu of my first trip to Italy reading this. Bechamel for lasagne was the first thing my mum taught me how to cook. These days I do a mix of half ricotta, half bechamel- it makes it pretty light but also gooey (nb your blog is fantastic- congratulations).

    • Emily says:

      Mmm that sounds amazing! We’ve gotten into the habit of only using a tomato sauce base for lasagne (w/ ricotta & mozzarella) but I’m going to have to try and bring some culture to the fam!
      Thanks so much!

  4. John G says:

    Amazing Emily! Great pics Of the food and the country side. I’m very hungry for proscitto, peasant bread and a hunk of cheese. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Gerald Berliner says:

    What an amazing life/gastronomic adventure! Fabulous.

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