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zucchini bread, easy chocolate cake, no-bake cookies, and a hurricane

I hope, for your sake, having a hurricane blow through the northeast meant little more than wind and rain. My mom, nervous as she was, harassed me until I got all the necessities- flashlights, batteries, matches, water bottles, etc, along … Continue reading

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things you should make/ honey caramel peach pie repeat

Last week I made a delicious, moist, just perfect blood orange olive oil cake that came and went in one night. It was a perfect spring dessert, and I’m sorry you’ll have to wait a little to make it, because … Continue reading

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(blueberry) lemon yogurt cake

If you remember, I got my teeth pulled on friday. I’ve been living off of soft foods for the past few days, except for the few instances where pretzels really called my name and so in their name I suffered … Continue reading

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chocolate hazelnut gianduja cake

You know those weeks where the days move by at a seemingly glacial pace, and you just aren’t able to bake because you’re too busy (and there’s a Crumbs around the corner, of course)? I was quickly falling into a … Continue reading

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heavenly chocolate peanut butter cake

Have I mentioned that I kind of love peanut butter? I really do. It’s becoming a problem. We have several half empty jars of it in the kitchen that wait for “that time of day” to roll around and off … Continue reading

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blueberry cornmeal cake

Today I woke up promptly at 8:30AM and went straight to Fairway, as I was on Mother’s Duty. Of course when I got home, there was still nothing in the fridge and breakfast polished off the rest of the cereal … Continue reading

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banana cupcakes

This week, my mom left for Asia on a business trip, and my sister went back up to college after spending a week at home for spring break. I asked my mom to take me with her but unfortunately she … Continue reading

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