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pumpkin gooey butter cake

This short and sweet: I know that as a food-loving person, It’s my duty to be appalled by Paula Deen’s cooking methods. I’m supposed to tell you that I am a cook/blogger who doesn’t needĀ butter to make food taste good. … Continue reading

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Upside-Down Pear Gingerbread Cake

My friend Karen and I came to the conclusion that you know food network chefs are lying about whether or not their food is good when their reaction to tasting it is saying things like “this really is such a … Continue reading

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pumpkin whoopie pies

I’m a little embarassed for a few reasons, among them that I’m such a blogging slacker (I honestly think I need to make a schedule or something), and also having the first thing I write to you about in nearly … Continue reading

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zucchini bread, easy chocolate cake, no-bake cookies, and a hurricane

I hope, for your sake, having a hurricane blow through the northeast meant little more than wind and rain. My mom, nervous as she was, harassed me until I got all the necessities- flashlights, batteries, matches, water bottles, etc, along … Continue reading

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blueberry cornmeal cake

Today I woke up promptly at 8:30AM and went straight to Fairway, as I was on Mother’s Duty. Of course when I got home, there was still nothing in the fridge and breakfast polished off the rest of the cereal … Continue reading

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red velvet cake

        My mom turned 50 this week (I had to get permission before posting this) and she did not want any sort of a hoopla. Her first instinct was “NO NO NO” to any sort of friendly gathering … Continue reading

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