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salted chocolate caramels

I’m bringing in the new year with caramels. Literally. What other way is there to do it? It’s going to be a good year, I can feel it. I am going to college. I got a job (interview, but I’ve … Continue reading

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pumpkin cheesecake, cookie dough truffles, chocolate gooey butter cake, and my sister cooked.

Right now I’m surrounded by an impressive collection of packages of empty butter from thanksgiving. I guess that kind of implies that my Turkey Day was amazing. I cooked so much and most of it was Paula Deen inspired- she’s … Continue reading

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reeses peanut butter cup brownies

Um. I don’t really have some deep and unequivocally witty story to tell about this recipe. They’re kind of my downfall. You know when you don’t just want dessert, but you crave it to the point where you need something¬†intensely … Continue reading

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lupa, sprinkles, and chili and sea salt brownies

A lot happened this week, between my birthday, dinner at Lupa, and my first Sprinkles cupcakes. I think this is the first time that it actually sounds weird to say my age- although sometimes I may act like I’m 30, … Continue reading

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chocolate hazelnut gianduja cake

You know those weeks where the days move by at a seemingly glacial pace, and you just aren’t able to bake because you’re too busy (and there’s a Crumbs around the corner, of course)? I was quickly falling into a … Continue reading

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the baked brownie

I’ve heard about these brownies for ages. I’ve seen them all over, on my favorite food blogs,¬†in magazines, even on the food network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate. And goodness knows, I’ll eat anything that the food network even … Continue reading

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chocolate pudding

A few days ago, I heard that Ina Garten would be signing her new cookbook at Crate and Barrel, and while I really didn’t need the book, I could find no excuse to pass up meeting one of my favorite … Continue reading

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